Central Ohio Pet First Aid is owned by Ingrid Cawthorne, a Westerville native. Ingrid is a lifelong animal lover who has had everything from dogs and cats to rats, lizards and horses. She has been drawn to animals, their behavior and their care from a very early age.

Ingrid first starting pet sitting for neighborhood pets at the age of 12 and began Scales Tails & Paws Pet Sitting Services in 2007.  With the help of 5 star sitters, Scales Tails & Paws cares for critters all over the Westerville, New Albany, Galena & Lewis Center areas.

Her current furry family includes 5 cats- Bing, Daulton, Dodger, Princess and Yoda; 3 dogs- Lia, a German Shepherd mix, Hope a Pit Bull & Maddox, a Catahoula/Doberman mix; 3 Off the Track Thoroughbreds named Tau, Sunny and Blue and 2 Ball Pythons.

She is currently a Be-A Tree presenter for youth dog safety and bite prevention as well as currently serving as a volunteer on the NAPPS Youth Education Committee.

As a pet owner and pet professional, I see firsthand the importance of not only being able to provide emergency pet first aid but also how critical something as simple as the Snout to Tail Assessment can be to our pets’ health and well being.

Many years ago, my dog Maddox and I were faced with any pet owner’s worst nightmare. He escaped out of the front door and ran down the street to chase a rabbit and was struck by a car coming down the road. It is a terrifying feeling to be able to see the danger but not be able to do anything to stop it.

To this day, I still can hear all the noises in my head of those awful few moments. Time really does slow to a crawl in that situation! In addition to feeling helpless to stop the situation, there was sheer terror at not knowing how to handle the emergency or what steps to take to give him the best chance at not only survival but at a recovery.

Thankfully Maddox’s story has a happy ending, 7 years and many thousands of dollars later; he is still one of the brightest lights in my life thanks to some quick thinking on our part and being lucky for only breaking a leg!

While taking the Pet Tech Pet Saver class in 2009, I knew I was doing my best to care not only for my personal pets but also for pets we care for on a daily basis as well. What I didn’t know when I signed up was that I would be so impressed with the knowledge I was given that I would want to go on to become an instructor myself.

It is my goal to teach pet owners and pet professionals alike these lifesaving skills to help you gain confidence that you CAN handle an emergency situation if one should arise.

Ingrid Cawthorne Pet Tech Instructor #1667